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Ok, let's clear up some things. There's no way you can use Roddick AND Djokovic as a forehand models. The two of them do the exact opposite motions during their preparation and forward swing. (supination (A-Rod) vs pronation (Djoko))

To me, your forehand stroke looks much more like Rafa's, although you're not getting the same extension he usually does due to poor footwork.

I think your hitting arm structure and torso rotation are not what the problem is. I think you're merely adjusting your contact point and torso rotation in order to compensate for poor footwork. If you're cramped on a ball, there's no way you can rotate your torso or extend your arm if you want to make contact.

Just focus on moving to the ball and finding contact more in front and away from your body and everything should correct itself on its own.
yeah, lets use a straight arm forehand as a model. and do you even know what alignment is. And his torso rotation is way off. 0 for 3
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