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Originally Posted by Chivo View Post
Charlie Sheen..took him fishing with a super hot girlfriend of his.
Timothy Dalton..same took him fishing minus the hot girlfriend.
Gene Simmons..took him and his agent fishing.
Rob Lowe..had his boat next to mine.
Heather Locklear..filming Melrose Place on boat next to mine.
Steve Martin..biking in Santa Barbara wearing a pretty pink sweater.
David Crosby..lived on the same street would run into him walking for exercise after his liver transplant.
John a party in Santa Barbara.
Kevin Bacon..different party in Santa Barbara.
Paul Allen..scuba diving Catalina Island
Tiger Woods..working out at Lake House fitness center.
Jack Klugman..had ranch next to my parents Temecula.
Bill Murray..playing tennis looks to be a 3.5.
I live in SC now rarely see or meet anyone famous.
That's a fun list. Did Charlie Sheen seem as crazy as he was acting a couple of years ago? Bill Murray is high on my list of people I'd like to meet.
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