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I may not be a vinyl junkie like I assume some of you older tters are, but If Im buying music I always get in the car and drive down to the CD store, in my state FYE dominates it. MP3s arent as good as SQ as the CDs are, I forget what the bit rates are, but its a pretty significant difference. Besides what I have written in the paragraph below will SHOCK some of you.

There is a radio program that comes on on weeknights from 8-11 pm called "the tech guy" and he just talks about all sorts of goodies us tech junkies drool over. Like the newest gaming systems, the latest in picture taking technology, audio, and he even LOVES to demonize Itunes and Zune, and all other major mp3 and ebook retailers. He was searching the terms and agreements one day and out of the blue he comes across a staggering new regulation on purchased ebooks and items from amazon and itunes etc. It basically says that "By buying our media, you are renting it for a lifetime, when you pass away, the library of purchased items then returns into apple or amazons possesion. Essentially YOU DO NOT OWN PURCHASED ITEMS FROM ITUNES! You simply have rights to listen to them, and you cannot put them in your will to hand them over to a relative. Apple and Amaon have every right to reach into your library and delete everything that you have bought from them. Yes, this is easily avoided by simply storing in an external HD. But, IMO, this is simply taking it too far, you should own the copy of the mp3 you buy. This is another reason I buy CDs only, because you cant track them and essentially you own the CD
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