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Actually, no I don't.
If a pusher hits a ball that drops at my service line, I DO NOT spin the heck out of it.
Instead, I either hit a sliced approach shot, or a flat winner attempt.
A heavy spin shot goes slow, just what the pusher is looking for. He lobs effortlessly.
A fast ball, one hit without much spin, gives him NO time to set up to hit his shot.
An approach shot with underspin also gives him little time, but a different way. The underspin skids and bounces low off to one side, while the VARIETY from my normal topspin groundie would throw him off some also. And PLACEMENT is of utmost importance. For 4.0 level tennis, an approach DTL needs to land within 4' of the baseline, or I might as well drop my racket.
Why hit with spin? It hits slow, you need lots of effort and the chances of a mishit are much higher.
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