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LeeD, it is true that if you can hit good approach shots, that will work. Remember though that if you are trying to create power, slice is not the best way. I play pushers all the time, and if a ball lands around the service line, I just kill it with a topspin shot. When I said heavy, spin shots, I did not mean sitters. These are shots that will land 3-4 feet within the lines, well away from the player, with good pace. Even if the pusher gets to it, he can only hit a weak shot which I will kill with my next shot. I can also flatten such shots, or slice them - but I will make a lot more errors, like you apparently seem to be doing... if not, I misunderstood you. But if slices and approach shots work for you, cool. I just like to finish my points whenever I get a chance.
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