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Originally Posted by Hot Sauce View Post
Interesting enough, I just got some JL Audio speakers (front and back) for my car for Christmas. I have the back ones installed, and I'm going to have my friend install the front ones for me this weekend.

I think a car is a great place to listen to music. It takes me 40 minutes to an hour to drive to work everyday (and back home), and having some great quality speakers really makes a big difference in the enjoyment of the ride. It can even put you into a good mood going into work.

Also, I recently bought a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50's for my desktop use. They're quite nice - good for gaming too.
I assume you have mid rate speakers for stock? Well, some people may say that car audio is waste over a certain dollar mark, but in my wrangler, anything beats the stock, I use JL audio 4x6 TR in the front and Marine grade kenwoods in the audio bar for rain storms. My sub is in a shallow mount its a 10 inch which is fine for the rock and country I listen to (Kenwood KFC Excelon) my amplifier is an Alpine, and mounted in under the instrument panel in my jeep to prevent theft and water damage (that was a fun install, lots of cussing in that one) and I use a Kenwood Excelon KDC 594 in for a deck (its a tad old, thinking about upgrading to the 597), Kenwood excleon decks are said to be hands down THE best in stereos and radios. I wont use anything else but kenwood decks. For me it was worth it, because the paper cones in my stock setup had already lost the styrofoam surrounds and barely made sound at all, and the deck was only a tape player, my dad still has some tapes laying around the house.I can honestly say it was money well spent, as the speakers are virtually theft proof because of the front being hidden in the leg panels and the audio bar speakers have TORX Key screws in them and wont work without that specific head which is very hard to find, my amp... well good luck getting that out of there, if you can find it. and my subwoofer is bolted to the floor in the back and hidden from clear view by the back seat. I personally think it was a good investment, all in all it ran me about 900 dollars, and since I did it myself I saved 200 some dollars in labor fees as well.
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