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So I got the racket today (Thank you dr325i !)

Looks pretty nice - looks slimmer and slicker in person than in the pictures.

Swung it once...a bit sluggish, not impressed...took off 2 grams at 12...swings fast now, but a bit too light...put 1 gram back on - WOW PERFECT.

Didn't get to actually hit the balls yet, but so far I'm impressed. This thing is uber polarized, much like my Mantis Pro 295 customization that I was looking to replicate (minus the loose string bed).

Got solid weight in hand but once in motion it is crazy swift and I could get big head speeds with very smooth load up.

Stability is solid throughout the strigbed. Top of the loop is rock solid. Just the slightest flutter around 8 and 4 of the stringbed, which is again, from polarized weight distribution.

I just hope the tight pattern will be able to make up for all that head speed and stiffness to keep the ball trajectory down and in the lines.
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