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Default Words to live by...

Originally Posted by TripleB View Post
The KFactor series first appeared in 2007 so I would assume that this racquet originally came out in 2007 or 2008...may be why it no longer shows up on the Wilson website.

I would say that it is made for a very specific type of player, such as yourself, who seems to use intelligence and placement instead of modern weapons to wear opponents down.

Glad to hear you found a newer racquet that is perfect for you!!!

Well, like I tell my teammates, wherever you go, whatever you do, BE A WARROR!!!

Hey B---was talking to Aaron on the way down for the beach trip earlier this month, and he said he thought it very likely you would be back playing again. Said the issue might be tougher for a pro player who was trying to continue to compete at the same level of professional competence, but that for a good club player, with good rehab, he expected to see you back out playing again.

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