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I'm just going to say this from the knowledge i've gained from the FSU tennis coaches, they say that most of the top tennis talent in my city isn't playing high school tennis. I mean i'm only 13 and am not in high school but now i'm really taking a second thought on high school tennis. I mean to really be the best i think it just takes to much time to be a high school tennis player
Most top kids from our Section play high school tennis. When I was reading bio of many D1 college players, most listed their accomplishment in high school competition. My son is a junior. He played 2nd single in his freshman and sophomore years behind one of his friends who was the state champion and is playing for a D1 school with almost full ride. He benefited a lot practicing with that boy. They led their team to the final of the states, the best ever finish in their school history. Even though he was never challenged in his regular season matches, he was having dog fights after the playoff started. He had to learn how to deal with the people cheering for his double faults and unforced errors. The high school experience will surely prepare you for college tennis.

My son will be the only tournament player on his team this year. So, we asked the coach to allow him help coaching and training his teammates. He earned over 15 volunteer hours helping coaching the girls team last fall.
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