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Default Nadal at #5 can lead to an interesting Roland Garros

..and Wimbledon

This is probably going to happen since there is a 1400 points gap in between the #4 and #5 ranking. Ferrer would have to screw up pretty bad to not be ranked 4th at RG or Nadal would have to win Madrid (okay) and Indian Wells and Miami (can't imagine these two happening). And we're not even sure Nadal will win all the clay tournaments he did last year. RG is an opportunity for Nadal to lose more points so I think he won't be able to get back in the top 4 by Wimbledon either.

I can't remember the last time we had the "real" top 4 competing while not being seeded 1-4. Think of all the possibilities. If we're unlucky with the draws (wouldn't be the first time) Nadal gets put in the same quarter as Ferrer and nothing special happens. But! What would happen if Nadal and Djokovic met in the quarters? They would finish each other off and give the other semi-finalist a good chance of winning, giving someone like Federer a possible shot at the title. I know Djokovic doesn't get tired but even he would have to feel something after going through Nadal on clay. But wait.. What if Nadal goes in Federer's quarter. Would be pretty bad news for Federer but still it would be the most awesome and most viewed quarterfinal ever.

How do you feel about this?

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