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I'm a believer and a 99s convert for these reasons:
1)My hitting partner said the ball was getting on him noticeably quicker because of there was more spin. Definite plus to rob opponents of time.
2)On one memorable shot I was able to generate an angle that was previously impossible for me. Generally, I am able to spread the court better.
3)In the third set of a singles match, I really appreciated the easy power. Also got a few extra and unreturnables on kick serve.

When I first started hitting with the stick, I didn't really like it. Ball trajectory was way high and I launched a few into the back fence. Once I got it dialed in, most of those problems went away and I was able to swing freely and generate more racket head speed than the heavy prince original graphite I was using before.
Good points. Same thoughts/findings with me. I especially agree that it indeed swings very freely.

The 99S is for 3.0 -4.0 players who are learning to play and for advanced players who know how to utilize this stick as a weapon. It's funny, I've won my last two matches with this stick and I'm a 5.0. Hmm. Rocket launcher in the wrong hands, full-fledged weapon in the right hands.

It's funny, the pure drive was known as a rocket launcher too. We have seen that players with appropriate strokes and playing ability use these sticks as weapons. I think the 99S is the same type of racquet as long as its used by the appropriate player with the appropriate strokes and the right strings.
Amen to that, brother couch!
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