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Originally Posted by Agassifan View Post
Rafa has a 50% chance of drawing either Federer or Ferrer - Guys who he can beat on clay without much trouble. If this was a hard court slam, he'd be in deep trouble.
Can't imagine him losing to Murray. Or they might as well turn all the courts into slow hard courts since it clearly doesn't matter. One thing is that we're not sure how good Nadal at RG will be. I expect him to be as good as last year but you never know. The lack of matches might actually show. Anyway if Federer gets lucky with the draws, which he won't, he will get to play against "not Nadal" in the quarters and Ferrer in the semis and get a pretty easy road to the finals, which he will probably lose to Djokovic or Nadal after leading the first set 5-0 40-0 and still losing it. You can't deny that there are some interesting possibilities when it comes to the draws.
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