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do we know for sure he's even playing indian wells and miami this year? if i were him there's no way i'd go back and forth between clay and hc a month or 2 before the euro clay season starts after being on the shelf for 6 months. if it were my call, i'd say forget iw and miami and stick to the clay.

you're also forgetting about the tournaments he's adding that he didn't play at last year. no where near the same tier as iw & miami but he should be able to pickup a few cheap and easy points there (not much compared to a decent result at either of the u.s. events though).

i don't think it matters a bit wherever rafa is seeded at the french. shoot, he could be a qualifier and still be a lock to go home with the trophy. he won't have may points to defend at wimbledon, so if he's healthy, he should make up some points there.
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