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Originally Posted by Broly4 View Post
I've been playtesting these two sticks, this is my review:

First of all, I'm a 5.5 player, power top spinner style ( aggressive, sometimes berserk according to my coach), with a full western forehand grip (almost extreme), and a 2 hnd backhand. Despite my style I prefer dense string patterns, currently playing with leaded a volkl Pb 10 mp.

Speed Pro: Really solid frame, very control oriented, it does feel stiff, but not harsh at all, it's crisp and stable, perfect for flat hitting. Best shots for me were flat serve, and inside out forehand.
It has a good sized sweet spot, but I prefer previous head shape, it had a better spin window, noticeable in killer returns and heavy top spin hitting. It has one of the densest string beds I've seen, in combination with the high stiffness it lacks some dwell time.
I've found it pretty nice for slices and specially touch shots.
All in all a great frame, better suited for hard courts, I've played four matches, against a two 5.0 and an open level player, mixed results but the stick performed greatly.
Yup agree with this, as with dr325i's review. It's a good stick, solid, good control and good power but I prefer the older IG mp 315. Spin and redirecting any heavy hard pace balls was pretty effortless with older model. The spin was just monster and the kick was amazing. I just wanted something more along those lines, as opposed to coming out with something completely different. This shouldn't even be called the speed because it was a complete overhaul of an already pretty amazing frame. The mold is completely different and resembles more of an IG Instinct, the head is more elongated. And I the head shape of the older frame created that massive spin. The strings were pretty spread out. This current racquet's head shape is much more squashed around the center and resembles more of a prestige, it lost that roundness for an a more elongated approach. And I have no idea what TW was saying about small sweet spot. That racquet was a total sweet spot. It was huge and I felt it was bigger than the prestige mids out now. And a bigger sweet spot than my 57e's. That is my favorite racquet and I hope head in the future brings some of those attributes back that made it so special. I've hit with a touring player and the IG mp 315 is the real deal.

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