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Originally Posted by TheCheese View Post
Ok, let's clear up some things. There's no way you can use Roddick AND Djokovic as a forehand models. The two of them do the exact opposite motions during their preparation and forward swing. (supination (A-Rod) vs pronation (Djoko))
Nobody said to model his strokes on Roddick AND Djokovic. I was pointing out that they have the same look at contact..., despite having 'exact opposite motions' as you pointed out. Doesn't that tell you something right there?

To me, your forehand stroke looks much more like Rafa's, although you're not getting the same extension he usually does due to poor footwork.
Rafa has a straight arm. OP has a bent arm. So how does his stroke look like Rafa's? Extension doesn't mean extending the arm so that it's straight. Extension is something else entirely.

Everyone's position at contact (bent arm players) look pretty much the same despite having 'exact opposite motions'

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