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Cheeta, I was only free to try out some of your (and other's) suggestions for like 15 min yesterday, but I was able to begin to feel how different everything will be (especially the lower grip placement). I knew I didn't have much time and wasn't hitting great full distance strokes with all the new steps in my head, so I decided to try some short court. The big take away of the night was this- I was able to hit controlled topspin in a short court scenario. Normally when I do short court, I just poke at the ball. A lot of slice forehands and some flat softies, but I am never able to hit a topspin forehand in the manageable way warming up short court style intends. Against a wall is never a tell-all compared to hitting with a person, but I was taking full swings and seeing that the ball wasn't hit too hard (which is the biggest problem for me with short court topspin forehands. I feel other players of my level hit easy, arching strokes with obvious topspin that could land in the middle of the box. If I could get it over with topspin and not have it look linear and land deep in the box, it was probably a mishit haha).

I'm hoping this increase of controlled, short distance topspin will carry over somehow to my full court game. Just the first thing to fall into place
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