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Thank you guys.
You all are very welcome to help me out.
My logic is simple. It could be either me or the racket underperforming.
I have played with a few players rackets such as earlier ProStaff90,PS95 6.1si,Dunlop200G(18x20,2002-2004 version, don’t know the exact iteration because it's not on the racket.).I could play very comfortably with each of them though wielding them for 1-2 hours would tire me out.
I have also played with K-90(Asian version 320gms) but never had problems finding sweetspot,spin and comfort.
I asked other guys to hit with my IGPMP,they all seem to agree that the racquet is transferring shock to the arm and the stringed feels stiff.I have following doubts that you can clear
Why does the racket becomes totally dead as soon as I put on a dampner, even with a multi (RIP Control 17) at low tension?
Has anybody ever noticed change in racket’s performance after replacing grommets.Are grommets likely to be the culprits?
I am open to question my own abilities but there is definitely something with the racket also. I also agree with views that IGPMP’s performance improves with weight modifications but shouldn’t the stock racket must also be fairly acceptable?
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