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Originally Posted by tlm View Post
There is more to it than just don't hit in the middle of the court. Last year there was a shot chart from the AO that showed some of the top matches shot locations. There were not many very deep, the majority were very similar to the smart targets
TLM, just for kicks I pulled up some Jimmy Connors matches and counted in clips from 3 different matches; since Jimmy is quoted to be uncanny for hitting within a couple of feet of the baseline and is from an era where that was maybe even more possible with the slower shots. If anyone is going to do that well, it would Connors right?

I tended to be more liberal than the couple of feet that was claimed for him, and counted anything that seemed to be inside 4 ft. Even with that liberal counting, he hit less than 15% of his strokes that close the the baseline and keeping it in play. If I had actually used a couple of feet, that would have been cut in half and it would have been less than 8%. I think 2 of them gave him forced errors and no winners came from the deep shots. A couple of other interesting percentages too.

Over twice that 15% number landed very close to the service line and all the clean winners were nearer to the service line. It was so predictable that I quit having to pause after each shot to mark. I could just sit and count until the rare ball near the baseline, then pause and mark the numbers. Last thing of note was that he also had more misses than balls near the baseline as well, and that is without counting shots that missed wildly off the frame or point enders. I didn't even include those in the count. Very telling information derived from the poster boy for uncanny, deep hitting.
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