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Originally Posted by cork_screw View Post
Who cares, 7 mins isn't long. I've taken breaks like that and I had no intent on stalling, it just takes time to walk over to a fountain and it takes additional time to drink and walk back. The fact you timed him is more weird than him "cheating."
It's one thing to take your sweet time for an informal match with your buddies but quite another during official competition. Did you miss the harsh criticism/backlash Vika received for her extended break during a match against Sloane Stephens at the recent AO? There are rules & guidelines that should be followed during USTA league matches just as there are during pro matches.

Did you read the OP? It sounded like that "7 minutes" was a guess-timation rather than a stopwatch reading? Remind me never to play a match with you on a cold night. My old bones couldn't handle the 7 minute water breaks. Perhaps you could drop hints that you could use a water bottle for your next birthday.
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