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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Prime to prime Ferrer is way better on clay, is surprisingly better indoors (Ferrer has a WTF final and a Masters title indoors, neither which Roddick has,, Roddick surprisingly has virtually no results indoors and got spanked by Ferrer at the 07 WTF in the semis), and roughly equal on very slow hard courts like Australia. Roddick is much better on fast hard courts grass, and better on medium faced hard courts. I agree Roddick is better but when you break it down by the various surfaces it is actually closer than one might think.
And what does Ferrer actually have to show on clay? I don't even think he's won an 1000 series or masters event on that surface and has only made 1 semifinal at the French open and one quater final. You might want to know that most players are a lot better on clay than Roddick; it's hardly anything to praise.

BTW, Roddick was actually injured during that match. Let's not pretend that 2007 was Roddick playing lights out tennis, the guy was simply rolling forehands and slicing backhands all year.

As for Australia/slow hard courts, Roddick's record is clearly a lot better than Ferrer's. Ferrer has made two semifinals in what I call an anomaly of an era with 3, maybe 4 insane talents coupled with practically nothing after that. Roddck has made 4 semfinals and two quater finals in Australia. You also might want to note that Roddick's record on the hard court masters is clearly superior to Ferrer's. So no, on any hard court - be it fast, slow or medium there is no 'close contest' about this matchup.

2011-2012 are the only years Ferrer outperformed Roddick. In a consistent era with more than 3 or 4 good players I doubt Ferrer would ever make the top 5 - he's lucky that there are no more than 4 world class players in the game today (although those players are amazing).

In terms of game, Ferrer has believed in his game plan and has gotten the best out of his limitations. Pays similar to Hewitt; Grinds/hits flat on the rise/ constructs points/returns well/solid from every department/hard to break physically and mentally. I don't know what to say about Roddick sometimes. He could go on absolute tears, hitting 4 forehand winners in single games on even the slowest of hard courts against the likes of Federer and Nadal, but would then get beat by guys like Istomic, Monaco. what a joke.
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