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Originally Posted by Tony48 View Post
I'm just going to use your logic and say that Federer gave absolutely ZERO indication that he could bagel Nadal on clay. 2005? No. 2004? No. 2003? And then it happened.

What's up with that? I need an explanation! Otherwise, Federer was doing something fishy. What was he doing that was a "future reflection" of him being able to bagel Nadal on clay? I need answers. I'm surprised that the ATP hasn't looked into this.

How can Federer bagel the greatest clay court player of all time? Taking down the reigning French Open champion like it was nothing. I need an explanation. There is absolutely no way that a legend like Nadal would lose like that to someone on their least favorite surface.

Name all of the great clay courters Federer beat that prepared him for utterly destroying Nadal on clay like never before. How is that even possible? Something is fishy about that. I need an explanation.

Did you expect it or not? If yes, please give me a detailed explanation of how he went from winning from 1 slam to winning 3 slams a year for 2 years. If no, then you believe that something is incredibly suspicious about Federer's sudden rise to being a super human.

No, I did not.

As opposed to you, saying that you did about Djokovic.

Originally Posted by Tony48 View Post
...his years leading up to 2011 collectively demonstrated that he could put together season of 2011 that he did.
Oh, and, by the way, Federer repeated his high level performance several consecutive years, winning the same tournaments again and again. The very thing I am expecting from Djokovic, if he is to prove, that 2011 was not "fuelled" season. So, in reality it is the same standart for both players (unlike what you claim).

Apparently you do not have the capacity to realize that, and it should be told to you time and again.

I thought, that this description from one of our fellow posters describes your ability in a coversation.

Originally Posted by DeShaun
Friend, this is why I do not argue with women who seem unduly fond of the sound of their own voice, because I will end up wasting my time clarifying and refining their sloppily thrown together premises, patching all the holes in their leaky reasoning, only for them to become snippy and start inclining towards use of insecurity-evincing language that is a first cousin to ad homs, e.g., she hastens to suggest that you are somehow the one who is deluded.
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