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Originally Posted by President View Post
The serve is the most important shot in the game. least for amateur players...
Gotta disagree that this is a myth/misconception. In at least one respect, it is the most important stroke in the game. Coaches say this for a reason. If a player cannot get their serve into play, they will lose at least 1/2 the games in each set. For this reason, the serve is elevated to the most important stroke.

I've seen a numerous players who practice their groundies for hours on end but do not practice the serve much at all. I have seen tons of players with 4.0/4.5 strokes have 3.0 serves. They can put up a great fight when the other player serves but almost never hold their own serve.

OTOH, if a player can put a reasonable serve (for their level) a reasonable % of the time, then we have a different situation. If the rest of their game is fairly solid, then the serve might not be the most important stroke at some levels as you have indicated.
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