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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Prime to prime Ferrer is way better on clay, is surprisingly better indoors (Ferrer has a WTF final and a Masters title indoors, neither which Roddick has,, Roddick surprisingly has virtually no results indoors and got spanked by Ferrer at the 07 WTF in the semis), and roughly equal on very slow hard courts like Australia. Roddick is much better on fast hard courts grass, and better on medium faced hard courts. I agree Roddick is better but when you break it down by the various surfaces it is actually closer than one might think.
Roddick has 4 AO SF compared to Ferrer's two and also has 2 Miami titles and a IW final, they're not roughly equal on slow HC, Roddick is plain better.

Regardless IMO in this case there's no need to break it down surface by surface when Roddick's whole career is clearly superior to Ferrer's by a good margin.

I mean Roddick has 5 slam finals, reached #1 and finished the year in top 10 for almost a decade, Ferrer took forever to win a freakin masters title, there's just no comparison.
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