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I played the POG OS for 3 yrs and switched to the mid last year and have loved the mid ever since.

I've heard a lot of positive posts about the Volkl c10 pro recently, so I couldn't resist the urge and purchased 2 c10 pros (2010 version). After, hitting with the c10 pro for a couple of hours of doubles, my initial impression is that my POG mids (TW reissue) feel and play a lot better than the c10 pro.

The c10 pros felt nice and hefty, and flexible. Coming from a POG mid, I still like the feel, control, and manueverability of the POG mid. Surprisingly the c10 pros swing weight (325) felt noticeably heavier than my POG Mid (TW reissue 32? Their static weight are similar, both 343 grams (TW), I believe.

I suppose it will take some time getting use to (c10 pro), along with experimenting w/diff string set-ups. One thing I just couldn't understand was, i felt like I was consistently missing the sweet spot on the c10 pro (98 sq in) vs. the POG mid (93 sq in) i'm hitting the sweet spot effortlessly.
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