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Originally Posted by mrmike View Post
I strung up one of my C10 Pros with Pacific tough gut 15L full bed @ 58 lbs. It's been a long time since I tried natural gut since I had a bad experience snapping a new set on the stringer. This time, armed with a lot more string jobs under my belt, it went well. This string was comfortable from the first hit and very responsive. Maybe a little less spin potential than the thinner gauges of synthetic I had been using. As comfortable as it is, shots are still quite controllable. No shoulder or arm pain after playing whatsoever. It's definitely pricey, but I plan to leave it on this frame till it breaks and keep nylon on my backup. Thanks for the suggestion!
Glad it well for you. After listening to Chris's comment on this string set-ups.. The one I ordered during the wonderful sale they had during the holidays.. I picked the basic Wilson Syn Gut Extreme 16G.. which plays somewhat dead and is a thick string also. I know I will get no where near the perfomace out of the syn gut vs the natty.. but I wanted to get that similar feeling. I deader playing string seems to work well with C10 as Chris stated. The C10 is not really a low powered frame as some think. I might try some IsoSpeed Baseline 16G. Lower powered poly that is very soft and easy on the arm. Tension drops down fast... but for that price $40.00/reel.. I can re-string every 10 hours.
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