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Originally Posted by Lilguy1456 View Post
Very well could be. Sucks...I really don't wanna give up the poly, so maybe i'll switch to a softer poly in a hybrid. That should soften it up enough but still give me the poly spin and control.
It's pretty simple. Would you rather keep the poly and play with pain and then eventually not be able to play at all, or switch to a softer string? Its not worth it. Just do an experiment and try a softer string on one of your racquets for a while and see if the pain goes away. Also, most polys go dead after about 10 hours and become stiff. If you haven't changed it out in a long time you're playing with a garbage can lid. Another alternative I've read about is to keep the poly and drop the tension a lot (like 20 lbs), but I've never tried this myself. A wrist is a complicated joint and difficult to heal if it gets too screwed up. I highly doubt that the grip or your technique is the cause. A racquet that is too stiff may be the cause, but the Prostaff has a long track record. These kind or arm, shoulder, wrist and elbow injuries have become an epidemic with club players ever since the introduction of poly.
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