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We saw one instance of a top player in this area not playing high school tennis, mainly due to training many hours at an area academy, and not wanting to do what the high school coach expects of the kids on the team. But most of them do play, and it seems alot of the college recruiters are watching their results in the conference and state tourneys. One of the college coaches talking to my son says the most talented players at his college are not on his team, because they were so burned out from all the hours on the court as a junior, being forced to play, and not enjoying tennis now that they have a choice. He thinks my son playing high school basketball is great, both for the cross training, and not being so focused just on tennis. I do admit though that my son is the only talent on his high school team, and the coach just has him practice with me after I get off work. During tennis season (fall sport here), he practices with the basketball team, and then meets me at the courts when I get in from work. The high school team is wrapping up practice, and we will be out there another 2 hours. Of course he would not do that is there was anyone else for him to practice with that could give him a workout. Basketball coach wants him year round, and the tennis coach is just happy to have him on the team.
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