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Originally Posted by sundaypunch View Post
I agree with this. With a full western grip and the proper swing path, you can swing as hard as you want and literally almost not be able to hit the ball long. It just comes down to having the proper game to take advantage of the racquet.

I liked the racquet but sold it after a couple of weeks. Not because it was a rocket launcher, but because I thought it was too spinny.
And I am almost the opposite grip with a Eastern/Continental forehand grip, sort of between the two and I have no problem controlling the ball. I also have a 1HBH with an Eastern grip and no issues. Of course I blast a ball of the fence once in a while, but it can happen with any frame. I find far far more control with the Steam 99s and 105s then any other Yonex frame I have ever played, which is why I switched.
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