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Question Have not heard from seller since payment

I bought a racket from a user on this board, I will not reveal the username just yet, as he has a few good refs on the board and I dont want to taint those good refs just yet. Anyway, I payed the seller on monday morning and I got an email from the seller saying that the payment was received and he would be shipping the racket later on that day. Well, around 6 in the evening EST I emailed him asking if he got a chance to ship the racket off and he said "No, Im sorry, I couldnt find a box.", I was fine with it and didnt think anything of it, but that was the last email I received from him. Monday evening was the last time I heard from the seller. It is now thursday morning and I have not seen an email from him since. I find this to be a tad suspicious. The way that he maintained excellent communication before payment, but after I sent payment, he seemed to taper off and fall off the grid. How much longer should I wait to file a dispute with paypal? (I payed with a credit card so I should be able to get everything back if in fact I have been ripped off, but I dont think I have) and furthermore, how long should I wait to leave a bad ref with the username in it saying that I might have been scammed? And one last thing, If the racket DOES arrive here and he just did not use tracking, or maintain contact, should I leave a neutral ref or a negative ref?

Again, I am not concerned as of now, as it has been a little under three days, Im am just wanting to know what should be the course of action?

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