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Bought it, played with and weighted it: 366g, round 34 or 34,5cm balance. Don't know the string tension at all. It was very loose, but I can't tell it it's just age or someone strung it low. Recommended tension 65-70. Ouch! The leather grip was surprisingly light, only 12g. With new grip and og, weight is now 371, a bit more HL. Hoping new strings will be lighter too, but I have to break those first...

I played quite well with it (doubles). Very powerful but I could still control it. Great touch volleys, slices and huge topspin. Serves were ok too. But then, old strings are always a mistery and affect a lot on how one racquet usually performs. Should I string at 65 or is it too much even for a head of 110?

My graphite matrix from around that time is strung 5lbs below recommended tension, so I don't really know what to do... I dont want to string too tightly but if I go with what I usually have (around 55) I fear I would add even more weight to the racquet... Opinions? Very thin poly close to 55? 16 syn. gut at 65? I'm lost here
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