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Originally Posted by Relinquis View Post
the serve is the worst stroke to have missing in your game.

in the sense that if it is weak for your level, it will hurt you more than other strokes. You can run around your forehand or backhand, you can stay back if your volleys are bad and can come forward if you don't have consistency and accuracy at the baseline. If you don't have a serve that gets you starting rallies in at least a neutral position*, you will suffer. You can't run around it.

* Taking into account double fault percentages.
since you´re relatively new to talktennis, let me help you along.
it is just not done, to post something as clear, understandable and obviously correct as you´ve been doing with this post
the average member here in this forum feels cheated, if he doesn´t need to google some of the technical terms

other than that, i think you make a very good point

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