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Exclamation DUNLOP MAX200G - Definitive list of the different versions

Dunlop Max200G - Definitive list of the different versions.

I've been collecting these for about 5 years now and have about 90 Dunlop Max200G rackets in total, including the personal customized rackets of John McEnroe and Steffi Graf and some prototypes, although I havn't really added to my collection much over the last 3 years. I did actually originally put together a list of the different versions 4 years ago, as I couldn't find a list anywhere on the internet, and looking back at it now (at the very bottom of this post), it seemed accurate (with a few errors), but there were so many different versions made, that different variations are still being found all the time!

So below I've put the different versions together in groups defined by the obvious/main part of the paintjob to make it easier to find the different versions of this amazing IMF Dunlop Max200G tennis racket. The dates are for when the rackets were made and originally sold; they were sold in shops a few years after this in many cases when stock was left over. Also some versions were only sold in a few countries, and some were sold in different countries at different times. I'm from the UK where all of these were made (although maybe some painted in other countries?), so the years refer to the UK mainly, although some versions were never sold in the UK. Anyway any corrections please let me know, and I will update this list.

"Graphite" Black racket, wide/short green/gold chevrons (directly above grip), 2 green stripes, says "Graphite" at top:-
1982 - says "MAX200G" in block capitals, tapered beam (only version to have this), narrowest at the head, says "Patent pending" on one side, round string holes.
1983/84 - same as 82 version except, constant beam (all versions from now on have constant beam), says patent numbers on one side (also slightly different earliest 83 version still says "patent pending"), again round string holes.
1984/85 - same as 83/84 version except, squarish string holes (all versions from now on have these holes).
1985 - same as above version except, "John McEnroe" gold signature on side, and says "winner Wimbledon and US Open mens singles and doubles" on side.

"Graphite Injection" Black racket, green/gold chevrons (stripes above and below chevrons), green/gold stripes, says "Graphite Injection":-
1986/87 - says "MAX200G" in block letters (same as 82-85 versions), "John McEnroe" gold signature on the side.
1987 - 1st PRO version, says "MAX200G PRO", otherwise same as above version.
1986 - 1st Shorter Junior version, says "MAX200 JNR", otherwise has same design as 86/87 version, only with 2 green stripes instead.
1987 - 2nd Shorter version, says "MAX200GL", otherwise same as Junior version above.

"Grafil Injection" Black racket (Merging to Dark Green at top of racket), narrower/longer green/gold chevrons, green/gold stripes, says "Grafil Injection":-
1988/89/90 - says "max200g" in rounded letters, says "Hysol Grafil" on the side (also slightly different version in 90 with "grafil" on the side).
1990/91 - 2nd pro version, says "max200g pro", says "grafil" on the side, says "pro" on one side.
1992 - 3rd pro version, says "max200g pro", says "grafil" on the side, has "John McEnroe" signature in green on one side.
1991 - proII version, says "max200g proII", says "grafil" on the side, and "proII" on one side.
*****1988 - 3rd Shorter version, says "max200gL", otherwise same design as 88/89 version*****

Green/Teal racket, red/white chevrons, red white stripes, says "Grafil Injection":-
1989/90 - says "max200g" in rounded letters, says "Hysol Grafil" on the side, 2 very slightly different versions with red "200g" on side of the racket in 2 different fonts.
1991 - 2nd proII version, says "max200g proII", says "grafil" on the side, and says "proII" on one side.
(Originally I thought there just must be a "pro" version of the green/teal racket, but I've never seen one, if anyone has one please let me know about it).

Golden Grand Slam black racket, with green/gold design, numbered edition, with custom black fairway grip:-
1989 - made to commemorate Steffi Graf's great year in 1988.

Gloss shiny black racket (all other versions have matt paint), turquoize/gold chevrons:-
1990 - "max200G" version (the last non-pro version).
1990/91 - 4th pro version, says "max200G pro", mainly dark blue paint on the sides.
1990 - 4th Shorter version, says max200GLpro", otherwise same design as 90/91 version.

Purple racket with green writing, with graphics in completely different style to the other versions:-
1991/92 - 5th PRO version, says "MAX200G PRO", all of the purple/green are "PRO" versions.
1992 - PROIII version, says "MAX200G PROIII", says "PROIII" on the side of the racket.
1991 - 5th Shorter version, says "MAX200GL PRO", otherwise same design as 91/92 version.

So there seem to be 7 different main versions, and 22 versions in total (including the 5 shorter versions). Again any others please let me know.

So almost all the rackets made 1982-89 inclusive are the normal Max200G (non-pro) versions, and almost all made in 1990-92 inclusive are the PRO versions. The PRO versions it seems are very slightly lighter and have slightly longer grips, so for both these reasons are slightly more head-light. And from Pauloraz in Italy "According to Dunlop (citation taken from an Italian tennis magazine of the time), the Max200G PRO was built using longer graphite bars and a different mix with nylon to add some points of stiffness". So this may have made PRO versions slightly lighter in weight. More research needed here definitely.

*****I'm still looking for the shorter "L" version from 1988 (the "max200gL" the shorter black racket with green/gold chevrons "grafil injection"), it's the only version of the Max200G that to my knowledge I havn't got in my collection, anyone who could please send me one that would be great, please get in touch, I have many other rackets I can trade for it. I will then put photos on this thread of all the different versions with original covers as well, including the personal McEnroe and Graf rackets, and prototype versions I haven't mentioned above!*****

This is basically my original post back in March 2009, there were mistakes here, but it was quite accurate!

"Right then here we go I don't claim to be an expert, so this will need correcting, but this is all I know, and some of it is probably wrong!!!
I think there are 6 main different versions, but it depends what you call "main", as there are lots of little differences. The main different versions of the MAX200G are:-
1. 1982 - Black Racquet, Green/Gold Chevrons - 2 green stripes (3 different molds, first had tapered beam narrowest at head with round string holes. Second had constant beam with round string holes and third had constant beam with squarish holes (this mold continues until 92 basically unchanged). And I think the 2 round string hole versions were only made in 1982.
2. 1986 - Black Racquet, Green/Gold Chevrons - green/gold stripes - Block letters, and "Graphite Injection" These have John McEnroes signature on side of frame and there is a different version celebrating his win in 1984 Wimbledon/US Open written on side of frame, possibly a US only import frame?
3. 1988 - Black Racquet, Green/Gold Chevrons - green/gold stripes - Curly letters, and "Grafil Injection" also another version of this was - Green Racquet, Red/White chevrons - red/white stripes, and I've heard other colours were done at this time also?
4. 1989 - Golden Grand Slam - Numbered Edition
5. 1990 - Gloss Black Racquet, Gold/Turquoise Chevrons
6. 1991 - PRO - Purple Racquet with green writing in completly different style to other MAX200G's
Years could be very slightly wrong (especially versions 5 and 6).
There were definitely different PRO versions of 2,3 and 5 as well (and probably 1 as well, if anyone has a PRO version with 2 green stripes I'd like one). Version 2 had PRO written on it. Version 3 had PRO written on Black Racquet and PROII on Green Racquet. 5 had PRO written on it. 6 had PROIII written on it. Again there are probably others.
If I start talking about the grips it's going to get a bit confusing, but the order is Black, Black with little Gold "Dunlop" written around it, then Brown leather "Fairway" and then Black Leather again, then Green leather, and then soft disintegrating grips which have all basically yes disintegrated if not wrapped!! Again I could well be wrong
As for the covers/bags, there's lots of different ones, I have at least 20
Feel free to tell me I'm wrong (am sure the knowledgable Vsbabolat will for starters), as I quite possibly am; but look I am trying!!!"

Looking back now I can't believe I put this together so quickly after starting to collect these rackets, and like I said there were a few mistakes from this post back in 2009, but the basics back then were correct amazingly!

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