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Originally Posted by ellipticality_224 View Post
Just FYI, the email quote "No, sorry I couldnt find a box." was shortened, the email wasnt that blunt. It was more along these lines "No, sorry I couldnt find a box and was going to ship it today, but I will make one and ship it out tomorrow!."
Not everyone here has boxes to ship with and maybe has not done enough shipping to know to use the two pri mail boxes to make a racket box. He also might have a very busy work life... In my small town.. the PO is only open from 9 AM to 4 PM. If you have a 9-5 job... how do you get to the PO?
For us that have done many many deals.. we are old pros.. know all the ins and outs of shipping and have many boxes to use.. since we do deals all the time. I would relax a bit and drop the guy another e-mail just asking for shipping details.. Carrier, Service, ship date and tracking. If you have a full time job.. 2-3 kids.. etc. Making time to get to the PO or UPS store can be an issue. You used a CC and PP.. you are pretty safe.

If you do not get the frames... file a claim or turn your case over to FFH..

Have a good one... BTW.. it is only a frame right? No one died??
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