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I just got a new 2013 APD as well and I have to say, I love this racquet. I have it strung with Tourna BHB7 17 @ 54 lbs. I'm using one Tourna Tac overgrip and a dampener. Otherwise, I have not added lead.

Previously I was using Prestiges and Radicals. The racquet is very comfortable and very light. I enjoy not being "tired out" by the end of the match after swinging heavy players frames. It's very head light so its easy to maneuver. The big head size (Prestige/Radicals are 95si) means I shank far less often. The sweetspot is huge. I don't remember ever missing it.

I've played two matches with it already and have another interesting observation. Compared to my other low-powered, soft frames, I get WAY more zip with this frame. It's not so much a power issue. I have no issues hitting deep with a Prestige. It's just the relative velocity of the ball is faster with the APD.

For instance, last night I was playing a match with some 4.5 women (I'm a 3.0). They're pretty darn good, too. But this was the first time -- really in my life -- that I hit more than one winner and more than one ace. I'm not known for my serves, they are very weak. 3.5 men regularly destroyed my serves with Radicals. But with the APD, I served at least 3 aces in one 3 set match. That's 3x more than I usually hit, which is usually 0.

And, I hit probably 10 or so forehand winners. With my prestige and radical, I usually hit 1 winner per match. I could never finish off a point due to my "superior" play. I'd either outlast the person, or I hit into the net. No two-ways about it. But now I'm actually hitting winners. It's a good feeling, and very new to me.

Its comfortable, no arm pains even with poly. but that's because I string fairly low (1 lb below their lowest rec. tension).
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