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Originally Posted by auzzieizm View Post
Black Widow is softer with even more bite than MSV. Might be worth a shot
So....gave Black Widow a shot based on your recommendation and stiffness rating. I strung it up couple of pounds tighter than my usual tension as it's a more lively string than the Hex and hit with it for 4 hours so far.

This string is a funny animal....hate at first sight that turns into hot, sweaty passion.

After 30 minutes I was ready to cut it out, but as it's pretty pricey, decided to stick with it for a while longer. This ended up being a really good decision.

Initially it was way too powerful for me and all I could think of was the 13 bucks I just ****ed down the toilet. Constantly hit long and it had way less bite than the Hex, and it didn't feel like I was getting the value for the money.

After half an hour of hard hitting it changed and it got really dialed in - the erratic power is gone and it hits much more precisely. And it's pretty darn comfy with awesome ball bite. Great spin and you can generate tons of pace if you flatten out your shots.

It's definitely a sweet string and I'd switch to it if weren't for the break in period and the price.

We'll see how long it will last - Hex usually lasts me for 4 hours when it turns more flat and plasticky. It widow lasts me twice as long, it may be a good value.

Up next, Volkl Cyclone.
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