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Originally Posted by Centerforward71 View Post
Genesis Twisted Razor, does not get enoough love around here...
I'm looking forward to trying it.

While usually a gut/poly guy, I've been using Genesis Typhoon a lot lately, and it is about to eclipse my go-to setup of gut16L/poly18.

I used to really love Polystar Turbo and Energy, but the tension loss drove me away from those polys. They are still the softest poly I've ever tried, but require too frequent restringing that doesn't work for me. I'm always testing out full poly but usually go back to my gut/poly setup with joy. Lately going back to my go-to gut from Typhoon has left me less confident than usual.

Typhoon really holds tension better than most poly out there, aside from SP polys or WC polys, but it's definitely up there with both. It also has a great feel to it, and in playing a lot of doubles, I have found it to be great from all areas of the court, even volleys which I think says a lot about it since many polys do not bode as well up there.

If twisted razor is even softer than typhoon, I'll be in for a treat. I think there is a slight anti-Genesis bias from 'a small few' people here, but for sure not all. Also as tw doesn't carry genesis, I would imagine would be a reason it's not as highly discussed or regarded around here as well. But there are so many great reviews from multiple sources on Genesis (some glowing tt tw reviews, the USRSA playtest rated it highly, other third party sites, Karlovic, etc) that I don't think the great reviews are fishy, as some people may have also tried to argue.
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