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Originally Posted by PointConstructor View Post
Thank you guys.
Why does the racket becomes totally dead as soon as I put on a dampner, even with a multi (RIP Control 17) at low tension?
Has anybody ever noticed change in racket’s performance after replacing grommets.Are grommets likely to be the culprits?
I am open to question my own abilities but there is definitely something with the racket also. I also agree with views that IGPMP’s performance improves with weight modifications but shouldn’t the stock racket must also be fairly acceptable?
I don't think it's the dampener. The dampener is just quieting the racquet so it's not making a pop when you hit the ball. It may have been the "pop" giving you the illusion of hitting harder.
As for strings, RIP control is a fairly dead string. It's a great alternative to polys but doesn't give you the pop multi users are expecting. The IGPMP is fairly muted as well. Combined with rip and dampener, you have a fairly dead racquet. Ideally the racquet should play fine stock, but I believe racquets have gotten just a bit too light for fairly advanced players. My guess is Head (and other mfg) just expects you to customize a bit. While the IGPMP isn't too light, it's SW is too low for advanced players.
My advice: add a bit of weight and change at least the mains to something with more pop. I'd use gut but that depends on what kind of a string breaker you are.
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