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I have played 95-98 for last 10 years. Started with wood, played OS 110 when they came out, tried wide 100, and went back to thin beam 95-98 for last 10 years.

A 93 inch racket can have a big sweetspot if it has sufficient Swingweight and Twistweight - note the stock blx 90 has a bigger power zone than the stock APDGT - Fed's vs Rafa's due to better swingweight on blx 90.

If you have not tried a 93, then try one. You get the feeling that the ball goes exactly where you told it to go. Very clean and very crisp. You do not get this feeling from a wider body, open string pattern, 100" racket.

I am very tempted to try the new volkl o10 mid 93. It looks sweet.
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