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Originally Posted by hhollines View Post
GA, I started playing tennis at the age of 4 and basketball at the age of 5. Turn the clock forward, and I was very good at both sports at the age of 11 but finally I had to chose b/c both sports required a high level of commitment and travel . . . complete conflict (I had tennis coaches begging me to commit full time, and b-ball coaches begging me to commit full time).

I loved both sports but basketball a bit more. I continued to play both and by my senior year of high school, I achieved All-American status as a basketball player with several Div. I scholarships but I also had Div. II tennis scholarships even though it was my 2nd sport.

My advice . . . let the kid decide. It's about "love." If you do what you love, that provides the best path and chance to succeed. I watch so many parents "force" (even though they won't admit it) their little kids to fly around the U.S. playing junior tennis. Just look in the kids eyes and be honest and it will tell you what they love.

And, the good thing, tennis and basketball go hand in hand . . . the footwork is helpful in both sports and to play both a team sport and individual sports helps your mental grow big time. Both are great sports and you can't go wrong unless "you" make the decision for your kid . . . let the kid decide and let the kid follow their dreams . . .

Just my 2 cents . . . what you describe is similar to my experiences growing up.
Thanks ........
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