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I came into tennis in the early 1970's playing with standard size wood or aluminum rackets. Played college tennis from 1976-1980, and was starting to face the Prince rackets then. Went to larger head sizes in the early 1980's. Played with all sizes over the years. Generally felt like a 98 thin beam players frame was the best of all worlds for me. Now am 54 and still a strong player, but not as fast as the top young guys. My son is a 17 year old tournament player, other guys I hit with are generally 20's with the huge power modern game. I can play well and hit consistant with one of the 85-90 frames, but can't generate the power to win points quickly with them. If I was playing other guys my age, I would be fine with that set-up. But to be competitve against the modern game, and counter my lack of ability to run down huge shots, I've got to have a big game as well, and the ability to hit huge shots. So I'm playing a 102 thin beam frame with alot of weight added. I get more power and can hit winners against these guys. If I dig out a thin beam 90 frame, I can hit very well with it, but can't win a point quickly from the baseline. Consistancy does not help much if you opponent hits an outright winner on the 3rd or 4th shot. But I agree, most anyone can play well with any size frame, just have to work with it and fine tune the string and tension.
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