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Originally Posted by Lilguy1456 View Post
Very well could be. Sucks...I really don't wanna give up the poly, so maybe i'll switch to a softer poly in a hybrid. That should soften it up enough but still give me the poly spin and control.
You might also try to drop the tension on your full poly drastically, and I really mean drastically, <40lbs. Takes the pain out of full poly for me, gives a very significant increase in spin and no appreciable loss of control. May take an hour or so to adjust your swing because of the higher launch angle, but the extra top will help to bring the ball down into the court. There is a very big thread on these "Low, low tensions" in the strings section.

How long have you been playing with your 'heavy' rackets? If you are already used to them, I very much doubt that their weight is causing your wrist problem. Same thing with grip size. I'd go with anubis, you probably did something to your wrist without noticing it, maybe not even playing tennis. Had pain in my right wrist last year and was worried it might be due to the weight of my racket (13+oz...). Did the RICE thing but kept playing with the same racket and it gradually went away. Now I have similar pain in my LEFT wrist...
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