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Originally Posted by couch View Post
I'm telling you guys- 4G is the best string for this stick. If your not a string breaker then maybe gut/poly hybrid. If you don't at least try 4G in this stick you are really doing yourself a disservice and won't get the most out of this frame.
I tried them back to back today: one with 4G and one with Tour bite soft. Both were 16g.

The 4G is nice and the control is a touch better but I found I prefer the extra power burst that Tour bite gives. I was using the SOFT TB and it doesn't have as much elasticity as normal TB but still explodes the ball off the bed.

I'd also like to try them both when it's not 48 degrees and windy
Hard to get a baseline for testing as it was 24 degrees warmer on Tuesday than today.

The 4G was strung a good bit tighter than the TB and that likely effected things as well. I may get my next 99S strung with 4G when I get it from TW next week to give it a true test.

Couch, are you using 16 or 15L in the 99?
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