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I certainly had no luck getting my sons to play the sports I pushed. I had visions of turning my first son into a tennis star. As soon as he could express an opinion, he had little interest in tennis. So I did not push it. He played all sports growing up, got into golf at 12, played basketball and golf in school, played college golf, and now is a 25 year old scratch golfer. He does enjoy tennis, probably watches it more than I do, and can hit well enough to give me a workout. Had visions of my younger son being a stud golfer, and pushed him. He hated it. Played all sports, and I did not get him interested in tennis until he suffered a fractured vertebre and torn disc as a junior high QB. So now he is the basketball / tennis player. The one I wanted to be a tennis player is a stud golfer, and the one i wanted to be a golfer is a strong tennis and basketball player. So, you just have to expose them to sports, let them find what they like, and then help them get good at that sport or sports. My younger son also played a year of high school baseball as a 9th grader, but I convinced him that being able to be good enough to sit on the bench of every high school team was not necessarily a goal to have.
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