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Originally Posted by jimbo333 View Post
Yes. I've done it, but to compare you will need a normal max400i with the same grip size, as basically the bigger the grip size the heavier (and more head light) the racket. I have lots of max400i's but only 2 strung with original leather grip not wrapped in plastic (i.e exactly the same as my max400ipro), luckily one in the same gripsize as my "pro" version, so my results are:-

max400i L4 364g 31.2cm
max400i SL3 350g 32.5cm
max400ipro SL3 346g 32.3cm

So, not surprisingly the L4 is much heavier and much more headlight (we already knew this would be the case though).

The others are more interesting though, and it looks like you are correct YonexRX32, as the "pro" version is slightly lighter in weight, but slightly more head light!

With normal standard IMF rackets the weighting (SL, L, LM, M) is all done in the grip as far as I can see, and also the bigger grip sizes are heavier (and more head light) than the smaller ones.

But with the "pro" versions, which are slightly less heavy, surely some weight has been removed from the main part of the racket, does that make sense? I'm guessing by using a slightly different internal mold of the racket. So when the grips are attached, these "pro" versions will be more head light than their non-pro equivalents?
I have 2 400i L3, with original leather grip and strung...I'll mesure them too...

However, I would not say that 400i standard and pro are different...a difference of 4 gr and 0.2cm in balance is almost might be due for example to strings of different section and weight or minimal differences in the production process...Today, the differences between supposed identical racquets are much much larger!! I still believe that the differences are cosmetics, for the most part
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