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Default How to become more than a serve and a forehand?

I have a pretty bad problem with my backhand and footwork, I play similarly to Isner (just on a much worse scale, Im a 4.0). I am nothing more than a big first serve, big kicking second serve and a hard penetrating forehand after the serve, anything after that is anyones guess. I can rally, and hit good topspin on my forehand consistently and a pretty nasty slice that gives a few people I know headaches, but anything after a 10 shot rally I begin to get tired because of my anything but tennis body build (Im 6 foot and 210 pounds, more a football build), and I have to pull the trigger on the rally to end it, win or not, to avoid getting too tired.

What do I need to do? Do I need to just go out and hit nothing but backhands all day along with some back hand drills (I have a 2HB)? I have been running long distances for about two months now and have begun to notice an increase in stamina because I run 3-4 miles daily, along with weight training (off on mondays and have a recovery day on tuesday, when I do light running only). So I think I have my stamina problem solved, but what can I do to improve my back hand?

To give you an example of what my back hand is like... no spin, ugly looking and has to be hit at just the right angle or it will sail out or in the net, I shank my two handed a lot too. I think it may be my grip or just my larger than normal chest (which is not ripped, I dont have big pecs at all, I just have a very wide chest and broad shoulders.) Should I start to try a one handed? or stay with a two handed? I think alot of my problem with my backhand is grip and my wide chest span.
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