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Originally Posted by SteveI View Post
He should have e-mailed you of course. Some folks are real good about it.. other not so much. It only takes a few seconds to do. I am sure you will get the frame based on his refs. Good luck.
I completely agree with you that it may be difficult to get to the PO with a 9-5 job. Im betting it will show up here in a day or two, the latest on monday. If it doesnt show up monday "by end of day" and still nothing from him I will be filing a dispute and getting my money back, as I have other potential sellers responding to my WTB post for the frames, and I could be buying their frames instead of wasting my time.

As FF said, Im at ease now that I know I am covered because of CC and PP. I am sure he will ship given his good refs. None the less, a neutral reference will be left, regarding that the racket was received in a timely manner, but communication was lacking.

I do believe that this experience will help me be a better seller when I do decide that I can handle selling frames here on TT (I am just 1. As a buyer I now know how unnerving it can be when you have sent out hard earned cash to a stranger and not hear from them or receive a tracking number. I have done several deals on, and CL, all of which were done face to face or put the items on the bay on buyitnow to have that sort of buyer protection, This is my first couple of deals without any sort of auction sight or face to face meeting was involved. I must say it is different. But as I said, I now know how I buyer feels when communication after payment is not present. Its can be nerve racking, especially if you have payed with funds from PP or sent as gift.
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