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Default Suggested String Tension Yonex R-22

Hi all
Picked up a Yonex R-22 some weeks back, it had an old 1-piece string job on it. They were syn gut, and measured tension using a Tourna Stringmeter was in the low 40s to high 30s. That would suggest a reference tension of somewhere in mid 40s.
Racquet played great then.

I snapped the strings almost 2 weeks ago, and restrung it with Klip Legend 16G natural gut mains at 50 lbs, with Weiss Cannon Silverstring 1.25mm crosses at 47lbs.
The racquet feels OK, but the sweet spot has become much smaller, and topspin is noticeably less.
For those that have had experience with this racquet, do you have any suggestions? I was lucky in that I had used the stringmeter on it before the strings broke, so I suspect the racquet performs better at lowish tensions to open up the sweetspot. I think a lower cross-string tension with perhaps a different string may be needed in this racquet.
What do you think?
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