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Most of the problems here have been with yutes. Is the seller a kid?

Not a fan of the gift thing. Too much downside risk for my taste.

Generally, the seller absorbs the PP fees and that should be reflected in his pricing unless he states otherwise up front. Always amazes me how cheap some people are.

I would say good sellers ship within 3 business days of PP payment. The super duper sellers ship business next day and will forward tracking info unprompted. I think it is common courtesy for a seller to advise a buyer of the shipping plan when payment is rendered. I will get it out this week, I will ship by Wednesday, etc. (It is also a good idea for the buyer to ask about the shipping scheme before he pays.) And then, once shipped, send a quick email, racket shipped, tracking number x, expect delivery y. Not so hard to do. Some people are simply clueless.

There are a couple of stickies at the top of the reference section that address most of the caveats and best practice issues. Not a bad idea to review them every now and then.

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