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Originally Posted by Lilguy1456 View Post
Other wrists are SHOCKINGLY small. Like, girlishly small. I teach 5th grade, and I have smaller wrists than every single one of my kids...
This ^
I have the same problem. However, I'm not a small guy - I have enough muscles to hurt my wrists just by crunching my fists tight. I suffered from the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from my teen age. I even stopped playing tennis from age 20 to 41
As a youngster, I mostly played with wooden racquets (heavy) and grips way too big for my small hands. However, after the return to the tennis, I realised that too small of a grip can cause big problems, too. I need decent gap between fingertips and palm. I'm happiest with 3/8 grip+overgrip or 1/2 with grip removed (overgrip or 2, only). Racquets over 12oz can hurt me too, as well as ones under 11oz.
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