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Originally Posted by jimbo333 View Post
Excellent thanks, well that does indeed seem to be the 86/87 retail version, and the only time to my knowledge he used this paintjob!

I would still like to see that other photo at some point of him using this racket please when you get the chance, great thanks, I guess he used this painjob also the following week when he won at Basel...and also after the AO 1992, when he got a new Dunlop contract...I remember a pic in a tennis magazine taken at the Lipton 1992...maybe I'll post it if I find it...

Yes, it seems the retail 86/87 version, altought, if you look closely to the racquet on the extreme right, there are no stripes (bars) below the is the paintjob of the graphite injection but it is custom made for sure (some racquets in the bunch have these bars, some has not...)
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